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Charity Cancer Hair Care & Fair Trade

At Twin Hats it's all about giving. Supporting charity and maintaining a respect for people and planet is our priority.


I founded my charity Cancer Hair Care (registered charity Caring Hair 1145258) to help people with hair loss gain expert and caring support. Along with a fantastic and dedicated team my charity Cancer Hair Care is leading the way in supporting people before, during and after hair loss due to cancer treatment. We specialize in support for children and young people but also offer our services to women and men. If you know anyone who needs our support (it's all FREE) please get in touch at In my blog I tell you all about one of my first young patients Nieve. She was an inspiration to our charity children's services. 


Three beautiful teenage cancer patients in their FREE Twin Hats (new hair growth peaking out underneath) 

Our promise is that for Every hat you buy we give one to a young person with cancer. We do this by donating the money for a hat to charity Cancer Hair Care. The charity then give the hats via three main routes. 1) In hospital at one of our Happy Head or Gigs and Wigs workshops held in UCLH and Royal Marsden hospitals and Teenage Cancer trust units. 2) Via Cancer Nurse Specialists who contact the charity for support for their patients 3) Directly to a parent or young teenage patient whom we consult with. 

The hats are sometimes an identical twin (one from our very own Twin Hats Range) but often they are specially made hats that are hand crafted and customised to specifically cover hair loss.

Fair Trade (BAFTS)

All our goods are handmade, utilizing artisan skills, and through fair trade providing much needed employment and income to mainly subsistence farmers, who supplement their income by making our products. When I first had the idea to sell hats i contacted charity Amnesty International to find out who was their supplier. I figured Amnesty would have done their home work and ensured they had one of the best ethical producers going.  

That's how I found our manufacturers who are fully committed to providing year round orders to suppliers and to nurture long-term and sustainable relationships with our craftspeople.  Our manufacturers are registered with BAFTS (The British Association for Fair Trade Shops).  

All of the hats sold here at Twin Hats are from Nepal. The fair trade work supports ideas for improving the lives of workers and their families - these include education, medical and social welfare projects.

During the production of our hats natural products are used and have an inherent awareness of the impact that products and production techniques have on the environment. Our producers use environmentally friendly sources of power to run some of their operations. For more information about our supplier plesae contact us.