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Our Story

We are a family and friends run social project with a big heart! My husband has photographed so many hats that he dreams of them in his sleep. My kids love stuffing hats into envelopes and if you are a friend (especially called Marg!), sister or volunteer, then you know it’s hat packing whilst we natter, have a cuppa and catch up.

Thank you so much also to all of the other people who have supported this project. From each and every one of our sewers and knitters in the UK, to the lovely artisan craft workers in Nepal who hand knit our hats, as well as the ethical suppliers who ensure that our Woolly Hats are fairly traded, paying a fair wage. Huge respect to the fantastic patients at Cancer Hair Care who have tried and tested every one of our Hair Loss Collection. Also, to the dedicated TWIN HATS and Cancer Hair Care teams for their trust and commitment.

Thanks also Mum for making that first ever Chic Easy Tie Scarf and Cosy Hat for our lovely cancer patients and to Dad for wearing the hat with hair on our first sponsored walk! You are all part of our crew. I would say I take my hat off to you all but one thing is for sure, I’m keeping my TWIN HAT on.

Thanks to YOU, dear customer, for buying from TWIN HATS and helping children with hair loss through cancer treatment face a brighter future.

Don’t keep this under your HAT please tell, SHARE and let everyone you know that TWIN HATS is OPEN.

With love and respect

Jasmin and the TWIN HATS crew x

For hair loss, wig and new growth video tutorials, inspiration and ideas please visit my YouTube channel: Jasmin’s Hair Share

For support with hair loss relating to cancer treatments please visit the charity I founded