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Twin Hats Charity Promise


Our Twin Hats Charity Promise means that we don’t keep all the profits under our hat we donate a generous percentage to the charity I founded, Cancer Hair Care.  This means that for every purchase you make TWIN HATS gives a donation to charity Cancer Hair Care that helps to gift a hat to a child or a young person with cancer and alopecia. Helping to provide hats, specialist scarves and headwear to offer comfort and confidence during hair loss. We also donate to children with non cancer related alopecia that need a helping hand.

Cancer Hair Care and TWIN HATS work together to deliver the hats in children’s and young people’s hospital units such as Teenage Cancer Trust units and children's oncology wards. We also work via specialist in-hospital workshops, cancer nurse specialists, cancer youth support workers and via post directly to hospital or home. Todate we have provided hundreds of FREE items of head wear to young people.

Additionally here at TWIN HATS we fulfill the FREE items such as booklets, hair loss dollies and outreach parcels for the charity Cancer Hair Care.

Thanks so much for your support.

For hair loss, wig and new growth video tutorials, inspiration and ideas please visit my YouTube channel: Jasmin’s Hair Share

For support with hair loss relating to cancer treatments please visit the charity I founded