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Kids Hair Loss Activity Pack - FREE

1 x *FREE Kids Hair Loss Activity Pack selected containing a ‘Happy Head’s’ club pack. With cut and colour sheets, a crown to make and activities along with stickers that introduce the 6 Happy Heads characters who are all experiencing hair loss.  Children learn through playing with characters that they can identify with. Different skin colours, ethnicities and cultures are well represented.

Maybe you are a mum, auntie or look after children and are looking for a way to explain why “mummy” is going to lose her hair. Or perhaps you need to explain to a young child in your care why they will lose their hair during treatment. Many people have told us that these packs have really helped children to understand hair loss. Offering comfort and support.

* FREE Kids Hair Loss Activity Pack. This item is free of charge as it is donated by the charity Cancer Hair Care. Here at TWIN HATS we support the charity by helping to fulfil free items. With thanks to all who support.

Ideal to:

  • Explain why an adult in their family is going to lose her hair - e.g why mummy will lose her hair
  • Explain hair loss to children who are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy to the scalp
  • For nurses and play therapists working in cancer hospitals
  • For cancer support organisations to display and signpost
  • For schools and play groups to encourage playing with toys that help children manage ‘difference’
  • For alopecia organisations

*Whilst stocks last and funding allows. If you can kindly pay the P&P charge that would be helpful. Alternatively we can pay this for you. Please email us so we can arrange this as we have not yet set up a ‘Free Code’.

Thanks to all the lovely supporters of this project. 

For hair loss, wig and new growth video tutorials, inspiration and ideas please visit my YouTube channel: Jasmin’s Hair Share

For support with hair loss relating to cancer treatments please visit the charity I founded